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The Theory

The story behind Roadscents is simple. I wanted to make my car smell as nice as my home. So here I am with Roadscents, which I made for me and for you if you drive a car (and if you don’t hang it in your wardrobe, your hallway or put it in your sock drawer  – it’s great for that too).


In early 2022 we will be introducing an entirely new product (a lateral move) alongside another new candle fragrance. All of our products will be repackaged  and we very much we hope you will like the results.

For now though, we are offering a 30% reduction on our candles and a 50% reduction on any remaining roadscents in stock (and there really are only a few left). All proceeds from downdog will go to The Dogs Trust and all profits from candle sales will go to the food bank charity The Trussle Trust.

The story behind roadscents

Why Drive With Us

You leave banana skins/half finished coffees/ empty crisp packets/last night’s takeaway remainders in your car overnight (oh alright all week)..

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Why Drive With Us

Your car smells like a teenager’s bedroom or worse a teenager’s sports kit…

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Why Drive with Us

You have a discerning nose and you love perfume

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On the Journal

Roadscents Inspirations

The story of RoseRage: From my Asian heritage to my Norfolk childhood I found inspiration for Roadscents.

The Making of Roadscents: Part II

I'd been thinking a lot about my new project -I'd already named it Roadscents. By this time I had two Vizsla dogs and two teenage boys, all equally smelly and messy,...


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