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Tina Gaudoin is a writer, editor, style consultant, creative coach and co-founder of triyoga, Europe's largest yoga centre. She began both her career and a longtime love affair with fragrance, when she became beauty editor of Tatler magazine. She went on to edit six magazines: Elle Decoration, Town and Country, WSJ (The Wall St Journal), The Times Luxx, Frank magazine and Harvey Nichols magazine. She also co-wrote The Art of Makeup with Kevyn Aucoin. Her latest book: Three Times a Countess: The Extraordinary Life and Times of Raine Spencer is out now. 15 years ago she began her mission to perfume her beloved Mini. After spending 10 years spraying her car with perfume, lighting incense sticks (Health and Safety warning!), scattering Potpourri and coating her car mats in scented oils, Gaudoin decided to take things seriously.

Luxury Car Fragrance Founder Tina Gaudoin

Roadscents was six years in the making (alongside her day jobs which were amongst other things, Contributing Editor, Style, The Wall St Journal and acting Editor In chief Elle Decoration and Town and Country magazine and London editor for Departures magazine USA). Clients have included: Clarins skincare, Bodas, Boden, Esalon, Hearst Magazines, The Design Museum/Burberry and Anna Valentine couture.

Drives: a Mini Clubman
Ideal Car Smell: Rose, Musk or Jasmine (preferably mixed!)

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Luxury Car Fragrance Founder Camilla Bateman


Camilla has over 30 years experience working in the luxury goods, fashion and beauty space in New York and London. She has worked on multiple luxury brands from Chanel, Apple and Estée Lauder to Nike, Samsung and Versace. She is currently the MD of Studio RM. “ I know a great idea when I see one. As soon as Tina told me about Roadscents I was certain it would succeed. I didn’t just want to be helping and advising from the sidelines, so I jumped on board when the opportunity arose. With Tina’s creative eye and her nose for a good fragrance and my commerce and marketing skills we make an unstoppable combination’!

Drives: a Convertible Mini Cooper
Ideal Car Smell: RoseRage


Tina roped in (for which read called in favours from) magazine friends like creative director Robin Harvey, the man behind Conde Nast Traveller UK, the original Net a Porter website, those Kate Moss Rimmel Ads and the Beckhams fragrance campaigns.

Drives: a BMW.
Ideal car smell: Sandalwood



Tina was introduced to Julien Maubert, grandson of Jean Baptiste Maubert (founder of Robertet in 1850) in Grasse, by her friend, leading perfumer Lyn Harris. Once Julien (Director of Raw Material division) heard about Tina’s project he immediately offered to help, putting her in touch with Robertet’s UK office. Tina worked with a team of perfumers to come up with the delicious Roadscents fragrances.

Dogs using Roadscents Luxury Car Fragrance

Minky, left (R.I.P) and Maud


Jody Hyde-Thomson and Tina have known each other since the early 90s when they worked together on Tatler magazine. Hyde-Thomson’s singularly charming, quirky but technically brilliant illustrations have won her fans and clients on both sides of the Atlantic.

Drives: A Fiat Cinque Cento at her holiday home in Sardinia.
Ideal Car Smell: Carnation