The Making of Roadscents: Part II

Fast forward to my career as a magazine editor in New York, drawing to a premature close, thanks to a rogue auto-immune disease, which no one knew or really knows how to deal with (read about it here... I'd been thinking a lot about my new project -I'd already named it Roadscents. By this time I had two Vizsla dogs and two teenage boys, all equally smelly and messy, all crowding into my car on a daily basis. This naturally kept me focused on the task in hand! I kept watching the market thinking 'surely someone is going to do this before me?'. I researched the competition (zero), I researched who was buying car fragrances and where they were sold (men and grim garages or those car super-stores beginning with H who still shockingly do not cater at all for women...). It took me a few years to find the right partners to create the fragrance and then even longer to get the damned fragrance to stay on the card...! The designs and packaging were created for me by my lovely friends Jody and Robin respectively (former colleagues).  And so, in the midst of taking steroids, having what was effectively chemotherapy and generally feeling unspeakably awful, I launched Roadscents very quietly..thinking.. 'I'll just put it out there...and see what happens...

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